The work is based on pictures taken in 70s and 80s of the 20th century, mainly photographed by my father during my childhood. He took pictures of his surroundings, at home and on journeys. The older I get, the greater the affection on my recollections by photographs from just these days of my childhood. Not only pictured moments in my family and the distinguishing contemporary marks of the 1970th and the early 1980s years, like architecture and clothing, but also the specific signs of the about 25 year-old slide material influence my senses by their colour and the contrast of light and darkness. The pictures thereby receive an universally valid; a journey through the past, which causes intimateness and reminiscence.
My present, grown up "Me" joins the journey: once more I have been portraited and integrated in the composition of the pictures. I adapted the moods of the portraited persons, transforming from a family member to to a "self observant" person or even an element disturbing the composition. Some images can´t be exposed as an construction directly. Me, for example, sitting with my family an a stoned stair, each of the persons to be seen in the picture is occupied with eating ice cream. The viewer´s curiosity is inspired to search for the integrated Me, who accompanies one on that travel trough time and is absent on the landscape photographs.The viewer becomes a confederate: together we go on a journey, saying farewell to the childhood.
In addition, an intensive discussion with my own photographic approach and constructing of a space has taken place by the choice and the intervention of a photographic space. Nothing has influenced me more than the moment when my father operated the shutter release. Concentrated and with full passion he has created an own space, in which today my recollections take place: reality is the result of the construction of a picture.

Me is conceived as a slideshow and an edited image-box.


Rivkah Young